One generic thermostat for one sensor and two heaters


I’m looking for a solution to control two heaters with an unique thermostat entity. In my living room, I have two heaters and an unique sensor and would like to configure the temperature of the room with an unique thermostat. Do you have any ideas to handle this use case?


Utilize an automation to turn on and off both heaters if not plugged into the same plug. If amperage is not too high and they are close enough you could put them on a single smart outlet or a homemade shelly plug. The advantage of using the shelly is that it will also tell you the power usage.

Just put the two heater switches in a group. Control the heater group with the generic thermostat.

Thank you! I didn’t know the group object and it seem clear now. @GlennHA, thanks too. My heaters are too far and too big to be controlled, with an unique relay. I have to put one relay for each of them.