Onewire error 85°C

Good evening, I went from domoticz to hassio. I have 5 1-wire sensors connected on the same line on gpio 4. With domoticz I never had problems but with hassio I can’t get readings without errors. In fact, very often the temperature of 85 ° C appears. Below is the configuration used:



  • platform: onewire
    10-0008022e2213: Esterna
    28-000003772c1b: 1
    28-000003774e15: 2
    28-0000037729f0: 3
    28-00000377a269: 4

dtoverlay=w1, gpiopin=4, pullup=1
(same line with domoticz worked)

Do you have to configure other things?

Thanks in advance, I can’t figure it out.

Please post your question in english.

I noticed that hassio performs the readings of the bus devices very frequently, which does not happen with domoticz (5 minutes). In fact, every now and then there’s an 85-degree reading error. Is there a way to increase the time between readings?

Thank you.