Only 1 S31 (plug) shows correct number of entities

So, the first s31 came into HomeAssistant just fine, but any subsequent plugs don’t seem to have the corrent number of entities attached. The first plug, which works, has 12 entities, the subsequent plugs only have 1 (the firmware). Why is this?

You could have more responses if you describe what s31 is and what’s the problem related to Esphome.

An s31 is a Sonoff s31 plug. Once one of them is added to esphome, the rest don’t seem to have the 12 entities the first one does and I can’t, therefore, assign a ‘button’ to it on the dasboard.

If you showed us the YAML of the one that is working and one that is not then we might be able to say more.
My guess is that you did not change all the settings that need to be device unique in the YAML