Only get 1 day of History

I’m on HA 0.80.3 and for some reason - I never able to get my History to show more than 1 day event.

This is my default view of History

if I click on the Date, it will only show today’s date as blue, I assume blue means history available.

if i choose like 2 days ago - Today is Dec 01, I choose Nov 29, it will be all empty

if I choose Nov 29, and then select Period from 1 day to 3 day, it will show history chart, but looking at the chart it’s basically the same as Dec 01, 1 days chart.

what am I doing wrong ? I tried putting in purge_interval: 3, and it doesn’t work so I take it out.
tried purge_keeping_days: 10, doesn’t work so I take it out also.

Here’s my recorder, history, and logbook section within my configuration.yaml

  #purge_interval: 3
  #purge_keep_days: 10
     - sensor
     - binary_sensor
     - switch
     - device_tracker    

# Enables support for tracking state changes over time
     - sensor
     - binary_sensor
     - switch
     - device_tracker

# View all events in a logbook

According to the documentation for recorder, the default value for purge_keep_days is 10.

What does the configuration for recorder look like in your configuration.yaml?


Whoops! You snuck that info into your post while I was composing mine! :slight_smile:

Sorry, I got nothing! You have purge_keep_days commented out so it defaults to 10 days.

Sorry 123, was just adding that part to the original post.
I did tried adding the purge_keep_days: 10 (default value) to the configuration.yaml file. erased the db file, waited for couple days and check, result are the same as I describe above. always showing 1 day of history… only.

AS you are using default database you can also try to browse it to check if datas are stored…mine are stored but history is not showed for all entities as i said in my forum post : History empty for passed days

Thankyou @SNoof85, your hint solved my problem.
Indeed it’s 0.80.x problem.
Updated mine to 0.83.x and now I have more than 1 days of history.

Basically, updating is often the key :wink:

Glad it solved your problem !