Only show sensor value/atribute

Hi All,

This is probably a simple one but i just cannot find the answer as simpel as i need it.
i have a neocoolcam power socket, this al works (beside the bad range) but i like to start using them to read the power consumption.
but is want a single counter/sensor that tells me this sensor atribute value in the default cicle on the front page.


sensor details:
value_instance: 1
power_consumption: 369.15
value_id: 72057594126614528
node_id: 5
friendly_name: StudioMainPower
value_index: 0

i tried to add it in groups.yaml like this: (was hoping it was simple like this)

  • sensor.neo_coolcam_power_plug_12a_alarm_type_2.power_consumption

But this syntax is not allowed. So searched around and always end up on the template sensor page.
But i do not understand how to build a sensor like this. (if this is the way to do it, a simple example would be nice on that page, as i think this would be the first thing as beginner you would use it for)

Hope someone can help me out and give me some help/example.

Try sensor template

Here is an example using your entities as you posted them above:

    - platform: template
          friendly_name: 'Power Plug Power Consumption'
          entity_id: switch.neo_coolcam_power_plug_12a_switch_2
          value_template: '{{ states.switch.neo_coolcam_power_plug_12a_switch_2.attributes.power_consumption }}'
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This worked like a charm. So i use Stats for this and with attribute i am selecting the attr of a sensor.
Got it thanks!