ONVIF Event support in HA stable?

@hunterjm, hi.

I’ve chased the subject of ONVIF events and ended up at this link:


My question is if this is already in Home Assistant stable, or in the dev branch only? My rudimentary level of understanding tells me it’s the latter. If I’m right, is there any ETA on this making stable?

Thanks in advance.

@hunterjm, sorry to chase you on this. Your input would be much appreciated.

Hi ricarva,
i’m on the stable branch and since yesterday i have the official ONVIF-Integration (Integrations-Tab --> +) in use together with my Hikvision WIFI-Cam (G3).
Right now it is looking like this in my instance:

Unfortunately line and sound detection is not available, even though the first one is available through the ONVIF Device Test Tool. I hope this one will get implemented any time soon.

Thanks for the reply, @ChrisNite.

So if the event integration is in (and it seems to be so, as per your account), I’ll go to the next step of attempting to get relevant log info for the ONVIF component and forwarding the resulting info to the GitHub development thread.