Onvif time lag of Camera

Hello Guys,

I am new in Home Assistant and hope you can help me with my problem :slight_smile:

I integrate a Instarvision camera to my home assistant with onvif.

the camera image has a time lag of 15 seconds

If I use for example onvif device manager on my laptop I can see the camera Signal without any time shift.

Is it possible to get a live view of my cameras on home assistant?

Tanks in advance

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Iā€™m experiencing same issue with Reolink ( both Onvif and Reolink integration )
I understood cameras managed through HA have variable lags ( in my case 8 seconds ).
Not sure if this I something which can be improved in the future.
I solved by using MotionEye which allow me to have stream with 1-2 seconds lags, but with a lot of other limitations.