Open HA on another device

Good morning everyone,
my need today is to open the HA “Log Viewer” page on a specific device when a pyscript script run.
The device on which I want to open the Log Viewer is an Android tablet (on which the Companion app is also installed).
Thanks to those who will be able to give me some suggestions.

I hung configured the “browser” service of HA but when I invoke it from “Developer Tools” it does not open anything…

Thanks for the reply,
however in the HA settings I only see my smartphone and I do not see my tablet, despite having enabled all the sensors on the tablet app

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You need to login with the tablet, you are looking at one device that was logged in. When you login you get a new integration for that device.

How should I ‘login’?
Can’t I have multiple companion apps associated at the same time?

Just login like you normally would?

Of course,
I logged in normally on the tablet.
My doubt is if I can have two apps companion associated with HA at the same time…

You can have multiple. Why don’t you try?


But if I wrote that I have done everything (including login)…
And from the app on the tablet I can control HA

im a bit confused on what you are trying to say.

Everytime you install the app on a new device, enter your HA URL and login a new entry is created for the mobile app integration.


you can see 3 entries, you will have 1 per device and it will take the name that you give it before clicking on Finish in the app.

Then you will have separate entities for sensors and the service call to use.

Thanks again for the answers.
However HA did not recognize the second companion app I logged in with.
I did my research and solved wirh the following procedure:

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