Open-hardware smart speaker like HomePod, Echo

I’m looking at buying or building a smart speaker that is comparable to those like Apple’s HomePod, Amazon’s Echo, etc. device in that it should

  • support outputting music, announcements, and voice assistant feedback
  • have a “good” microphone for interacting with voice assistants
  • have/expose environment sensors (e.g., temperature, air quality (CO2), humidity, presence detection)
  • act as a Thread border router

The idea behind this is that I want to have only some devices cluttered around my home and while they are occupying space anyway, they might as well provide more functionality than only, e.g., playing back some music.

Off the shelf

I have seen die Raspiaudio Muse Luxe smart speaker but afaik, there are no sensors integrated and I think it uses the ESP32-WROVER which does not have Thread support (I think).

Custom hardware

I have found the ESP32-C6 development kit which supports WiFi and Thread. I also have found a development board for an ESP Thread border router.

However, I’m pretty new to the hardware dev part, so I’m not sure if the ESP processors are capable of all of the above mentioned (simultaneously).

Do you know of any product that can be bought or any tutorials, instruction, etc. on how to go about building something like this?