Open-Source Intercom and Doorbell IoT Modules

ESPBell-MAX “IoT Intercom / Doorbell” module enables you to stay informed whenever someone rings your doorbell or presses the intercom button. Upon receiving an interactive notification, you have the convenience to either promptly open the door or choose to dismiss the alert by simply tapping the button within the notification.

I made two versions MAX which uses a Li-Ion battery, LITE requires a power supply. All files for DIY are available on GitHub.
I hope the project will be useful to you.

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@Madman Sorry if this is a total noob question:

I bought the ESPBell-LITE and I saw that the both LOCK sections have 2 wires each. My question is:
Do I need to connect both wires to each terminal? For example, the 2 wires coming out from rightmost LOCK section should be connected to the Neutral wire? How about the other LOCK section (the one left to the first one I talked about), both cables should be connected to the wire coming from the lock on the street?

Again, sorry if this is the most stupid question ever. I’m trying to be 100% sure before I install this. I just don’t want to blow up the whole intercom system.

Hi, Yes. Each relay contact has 2 wires, they can be connected in parallel.

I was able to (finally) install the Lite version at home and I’m super happy with the results.
Both the lock opening/closing and the Bell notifications are super fast and precise, even on LTE connection. I was able to create a automation that would open the lock if I double tap the intercom button on a 500ms window!
Thanks again for the awesome product.

I’m glad everything worked out. Thank you for supporting my work!!