Open Zwave - Duplicated device instance

Dear fantastic community!
I’m Daniele, from Italy, enjoying and reading everything possible about Home Assistant and the unlimited capabilities offered now for a couple of years!
Day by day I’m building up my smart home but, since the beginning, I had some trouble with the Zwave integration.
When configured, it works simply perfect… but adding a node or removing them has always been somehow problematic.

I decided this weekend to migrate to the beta Open-Zwave, to see if any improvement has been made on it… so far I was able to retrieve all devices connected to my Aeotec USB gen5 stick… but I have again duplicated devices on my configuration.
Now, the duplicated are differentiated with the “Instance 2” tag.

let me be fair… everything is working… but I hate seeing duplicated devices on my configuration…
Any help, suggestion, or prayer will be more than welcome!!! :slight_smile:

SIDE NOTE: I just realized this behavior is restricted to Fibaro’s devices, other Qubino devices do not have the same duplicated instance.