OpenGarage stuck in "Opening" and can't be operated

Set up OpenGarage 1.1.1 with the configuration yaml in the Integrations secton and can control my Liftmaster 8500wlb perfectly.

Until, that is, an opening started by Home Assistant is interrupted by a manual press of the wall button. So, press Open in Home Assistant to start opening door; someone in garage presses wall button to stop the door; and now Home Assistant shows OpenGarage in a permanent state of “Opening”. The door can no longer be opened or closed.

Power-cycling the Opengarage device resets Home Assistant and the door can be controlled again. Less drastically, navigating to the embedded web server on Opengarage and pressing the “Open” button there also resets the status in HA and restores functionality.

New to Home Assistant so I’d appreciate ideas on how to prevent Opengarage from locking up. I can change the status of the door to “closed” but the open and close buttons in Lovelace still won’t work. Ideas?

I saw this when looking for something else OpenGarage related. This happens to me as well, but it will correct itself when the OpenGarage hardware detects a new state, usually when its sensor detects the garage door as opened or closed. Probably the template could have a timeout on opening/closing, but I’m not sure how to do that or if it is possible.