OpenTherm gateway preset

Hi all, I have successfully setup my Openthem Gateway and can control the setpoint from the Home Assistant home page. It was easy to setup and I think it is very cool that Home Assistant supports this out of the box.

I want to create a schedule for my thermostat, so that the house is warm when we arrive and the house is cooled down at night.

What I don’t understand is how to automate the setpoint. When I add an Automations in the web UI, then it has two options for actions: (1) edit HVAC mode, and (2) edit preset. But both actions have zero options below it. I have not found any other menu for settings for the presets.

Could you help me find the correct settings?

Browse to the developer tools -> services tab and bring up those services. They will have details on what options are available for the service calls. In time, those options will appear in the automation editor. Unfortunately right now you have to use 2 separate tabs.

Also, the documentation on those services are usually covered in the integration that created the service. If not, they are covered in the integration, they are covered in the overall climate integration.

Thanks, so I need to use the service tab and documentation to make the correct action and then add that to the automation as a YAML.

Would it be a easy task for first time contributor to add the set_temperature command to the edit automation webpage?

For future reference, I used this action in my automation:

service: climate.set_temperature
  entity_id: climate.thermostaat
  temperature: 20
  hvac_mode: heat

Probably not. It could be easy but then it’s got to go through all the UI politics. It’ll come in time, just not sure when.