Openzwave latest builds

Has anyone moved past openzwave/ozwdaemon:allinone-build-150, if so, is there a good stable version for HA?

Anyone running anything other than build-150, anyone?

I’m not, wish something new would come out, I still can’t get my dimmers to work.

I went ahead and moved to the latest build a few days ago. So far so good.

do you have z-wave dimmers, and if so, do they work?

I do have zwave dimmers and they work. GE (jasco) 46203 in-wall smart dimmer

Thanks, not sure what is going on with me now. All my switches work, but the dimmers take multiple times switching off from the lovelace GUI. Strange thing is, if I use it through Alexa, every single dimmer works, you can turn them on and off and set the levels.

Yes, I can use the lovelace gui to control them. I had an issue with it for a while, thats when i went back to build-150. It seems to be working with the latest now for me

I have Inovelli and zooz dimmers, and they’ve been working well also. I think OZW was updated at one point but then later had to downgrade because it was causing a lot of issues for users.