Orbit B-hyve Does not work through HA

Although integration is installed and “sees” the Orbit B-hyve device, activating the switch from the HA system does not activate it. But activation from the company’s app does activate it
what could be the problem?

You have the WiFi bridge or one of the valves/controllers with built in WiFi?

There is the bridge

Which bridge and which valve? When you control the valve via the app, are you sure you aren’t connected via bluetooth?

Where I’m going is that the integration will pull any devices associated with the account regardless of which connection method they are using. If the valve is being controlled over Bluetooth (and not actually paired with the bridge), then the integration will not be able to control it nor update the entities.

I don’t have a Bluetooth controller in the system, so they are surely connected via WiFi

This is the bridge with a valve that I have