OS update path from 9.4?

Issue left aside for a long time: from OS 9.4 I only see 9.5 as the update option.
Is it by design the update path is from 9.4 to 9.5, then to newer OS? Or is there a potential issue in my deployment that I might need to solve beforehand?
Running HAOS on Synology NAS as .ova VM, OS 9.4, Core 2023.10.

I’ve never seen it not present the latest version but it could be that to go from 9.5 to the latest you must first get to 9.5 and HA knows that. I would back up, try the update to 9.5 and see what it tells you then. It might also be that it wants or needs other updates first, like ZWaveJS.

Thanks! That is the initial hypothesis, trying to get a confirmation on the behaviour before proceeding: trial and error is a possibility but if it can be avoided, the better