Osram smart+ fillament bulb

Does anyone know if the Osram lights (Smart+) work with Hassio?


Do you have any other smart bulbs at the moment?

I can’t really see the appeal of a Bluetooth smart bulb.

Better off getting a conbee and using ZigBee for smart lights. You can pick up Osram ZigBee bulbs pretty cheap these days.

I’ve got Tradfri at the moment and Zigbee for mij NEO Coolcams, so both protocols are working (fine) at the moment.

The point is I want three retro / filament lights and according to their site, the Filament don’t support Zigbee

I recently found these on Amazon (Amazon germany- not sure they’re available in other countries).

€20 for 2x ZigBee filament bulbs.

GMY Lighting E27 LED Smart Bulbs, Arbeit mit Amazon Alexa (Only Echo Plus), Kein Hub erforderlich, Sprachsteuerung, ZigBee, Dimmbar, Warmweiß bis kaltweiß (2700-6500K), 4.5 W Entspricht 40W, 2 Pack https://www.amazon.de/dp/B07KG5KF5R/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_DEaYCb31HKNYM


For filament bulbs i’ve been using these wifi bulbs:

They’re smart life/Tuya.
Got them in November and had to re-connect 1 of them to Wifi once, but except for that, no issues yet.
That being said, i would usually go with zigbee if possible.
I think Amazon US only has this bulb which has some strange comments about it’s compatibility:

I’ve recently been moving away from all my WiFi connected lights. I’ve still got a few WiFi LED strips but we’ve been having a lot of WiFi issues lately and it was annoying when the lights suddenly can’t be controlled.

It’s surprising how cheap they’re getting now.

I’m tempted to give the bulbs I liked to a try. Hopefully they work with deconz.

Thanks! Those look very well, mainly the SEALIGHT. You’ve got them right? Do they work with Hassio?

These are the “holy grail” :slight_smile:
I have been searching a long time for zigbee filament bulbs as these bulbs are much more visually appealing in glass, wire etc lumieres.
Also available in UK:

Not great reviews in UK, but most seem to stem from misunderstanding.

I think I will buy some…

The only thing is quite low brightness (40w equiv)

Those are the same to wat BenJ said right?

Yeah they work great.
They’re configured though the Smart Life app, so just add the platform: smart_life to the tuya section in configuration.yaml and you should be good to go.

No. I linked zigbee.
@benj linked wifi bulbs

There’s lots more reviews of the GMY ZigBee bulbs on amazon.com:

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Can’t find them anymore on Amazone… Anyone else got an address where to buy these?

Anyone info about where to buy these?

Did you find them somewhere?

I am looking for “retro”-bulbs which support different white temperatures and Zigbee.
Philips Hue and Innr sell some, but they have only one color temperature…