OTA a different firmware (Tasmota?) to ESPHome


I’m wondering if its possible to use ESPHome’s OTA Firmware Update mechanism to send a completely different firmware like Tasmota. I’m just starting to learn about ESPHome and it’d be nice to know I have a backout plan if it turns out I’m not smart enough to use ESPHome. I know I could USB re-flash the devices but I’m wondering if its possible OTA (no re-soldering, or uninstalling).


Should be possible, there is a cli esphomeyaml command for uploading binaries where you specify the target ip and port which is the same the dashboard uses.

I have flashed ota esphomelib into running tasmota, but not the other way around. Been testing this week several devices I can give it a try later to go from esphomelib to tasmota


You could theoretically do it by replacing the <NODE_NAME>/.pioenvs/<NODE_NAME>/firmware.bin file with the target firmware file and the running esphomeyaml something.yaml upload. Then it will upload any firmware you want.

The easier option though is to enable the web_server component, go to the ESP page in your browser and use the OTA update field. There you can select any file from your computer and upload that.