OTA and Unknown sensor values. ESP12F fault or HA problem?

Hi All,
I’m running a simple ESPHOME (pared down to just one active ESP12F at the moment for diagnostic clarity) using the latest version of ESPHOME on the latest version of HA. Yes I’ve done the OTA tweak that required the addition of platform: esphome :slight_smile:
My issue is that the sensor configured on this device ALWAYS (over several different HA and ESPHOME updates) needs to be power cycled after an OTA to make HA report the sensor state.
The dashboard says ‘unknown’ for the sensor regardless of inputs. I can connect to the ESP12F’s webpage and even reboot it through a platform: restart button on the page - but HA insists its state is unknown unless I power cycle the ESP12.

Is this a known issue that I just have to accept - ie OTA only really works if you can reset the device? Or is there something I’m missing. It is so consistent that I assume it’s a general case - but if it’s atypical please let me know and I’ll buy a different brand of ESP12Fs.

I updated my esp12F to 2024.6.3 and I2C and ADC sensor worked. Someone might be able to give better answer if you showed your YAML.