Outdoor light presence detection

I want to put a light on the wall next to my front door that turns on, at night, when i am approaching home. Not too powerful but just to illuminate the door area. Ideally, it would turn on when i am within a few metres of the door. Possibly, it could do the same when i am leaving, just for a few metres.

I don’t just want a motion detecting light that turns on when pedestrians are passing, as it would be on every few minutes, so identification of myself would be useful.

The current hardware at my disposable that could be used are:

  1. My android mobile that can be used for presence detection. This could be via gps proximity or even recognising when it connects to my unifi wifi.

  2. My front door has a yale conexis l1 lock. I do have the zwave module.

  3. A ring doorbell pro that can detect motion on my small drive (can get fooled by pedestrian shadows when it has rained but could still be useful)

It would be nice too if i could prevent the light coming on if I am simply passing the door on the inside.

I am in the uk and am interested in suggested lighting plus how to automate all this. Ideally, the lighting would be battery powered or rechargeable, to prevent any drilling through the exterior to the interior.