Outdoor Smart Switches

Greetings All,

I have lights outdoor that i would like to control by installing either a smart switch or smart relay. So, is there any outdoor smart devices that could work with a high operating temperature?

Can you be more specific? Like, what kind of switches are there already? Switch on a wall or connected as part of an extension cord? What kind of temperatures? Also what is the load? Will the switch also be used to contrpl an yh outlets that may have electic hedge clippers or other power items attached? Does it have to be waterproof?

Thank you @KruseLuds for your replay, actually i have a light switch on my yard that i want to control. the issue is on my country the temperature at summer could reach 55 degree, so I do not know if there will be a smart switch that can handle this operating temp. in my house i am using Aqara switches which are perfect for in house use. thanks again.

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