Outdoor WIFI Camera Suggestions

Recently picked up an Armcrest, it lasted all of 4 day before it quit entirely. During those four days it wouldn’t remain connected to my network for more then a few minutes before dropping off, rinse repeat. I’m in the process of of returning that camera for a refund and I’m looking for replacement suggestions.

Outdoor - Able to withstand cold Canadian winters, down to -40C
Night Vision
Live Stream
Motion Sensing
I’m not looking for anything grey market, I had enough of a time trying to get the above Armcrest returned.

Personally I like everything from https://www.ubnt.com/products/#unifivideo but -40ºc might be a bit to much?

Thanks, I’ll have a look at those.

-40 is the extreme, doesn’t often get that cold but we are can solidly bet we’ll reach -30 or below on occasion.

If it is a problem you can put a power resistor (5 or 10W, 47 Ohms, for 12V supply) inside the housing to keep it warm.

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can you insulate it with like fiber glass? or will that cause problems with the radio? maybe not if it has an antenna. if you have a 3d printer make a box for it and insulate it with a hole for the antenna…maybe?