Overriding entity_picture of entity in glance or entities card

I’ve been trying to override the entity_picture for an entity in the glance or entities card, but I just can’t get it to work.
The documentation says that the icon option for an entity “Overwrites icon or entity picture”, but when I try it like this for an entity which has an entity_picture set it doesn’t work:

- type: entities
    - entity: device_tracker.person1
      name: Person 1
      icon: mdi:face
    - entity: device_tracker.person2
      name: Person 2
      icon: mdi:face

If the entities have an entity_picture set, this is still displayed instead of the new icon. The new icon is only displayed if the entity only has an icon and no entity_picture.
Is there no way to override the entity_picture?

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