Owntracks error

Anyone seen this? Just started one day. I don’t think the device config has changed.

homeassistant.components.device_tracker.owntracks: Location missing from Entering/Leaving message - please turn Share on in OwnTracks app

working like a charm for me …

it’s obvious you have not (otherwise you wont be asking here :stuck_out_tongue: ) … but … have you modified anything in the client app??

nope, its a fresh install… its weird.

are you using CloudMQTT ??

I had some issues yesterday and I had to restart my server … anything on the service side??

mqtt server is the same as its always been, I am testing some things on the client to see if that might help. Also, not sure which one it is…

private mosqitto server btw*

What server, specifically? m12 has been having numerous issues. @davedan and I have been having issues with it.

Dumb question, but did you turn Share on in the app?

There isn’t one, that I can see. I have re-setup mqtt and it works now.

Are you using TLS on your private mosquitto broker?

its resolved. no worries.

I’m getting same error, what was the fix?

This was due to me importing a config, although it was correct it had zones in it. Zones were not shared and turned ‘on’ in the config. So its causing an issue because it cant share the state info when its in a zone.

So just check all your zones for the user in question. Also, check to see if you have it turned on in your config.

Hope that helps

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Is this in the HA config, MQTT config, or OwnTracks app config?

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@mattcurrycom Can you pleas assist the rest of us ?
Which configuration was it ? what should we change to make this thing go away ?

Thanks !

I am getting this same error until I enter into a new zone. It seems that it doesn’t know where not home is until I am somewhere else.

On the zones config, there’s an option called share, I think it might be what you’re looking for.

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There is a “share” option in the Android app, but the menu option is “Regions”, not “Zones”. The error message could be enhanced for this, right?