Owntracks HA and HA doesn't seem to be communicating

I’ve had Owntracks, HA and cloudMQTT up and running for a few months now - working pretty well overall. I noticed yesterday that I wasn’t getting any updates. Checked cloudMQTT and noticed it said server was full, out of disk space - notified support, they fixed and off I went. I can see Owntracks sending updates to cloudMQTT on the Web socket page under cloudMQTT. I just updated the client on my android and it updated on cloudmqtt fine. But HA doesn’t seem to be reading cloudMQTT - when I set the status in HA via dev tools to home - it’s stayed - should show work. I’m not getting pushover notifications either (I have pushover send notification when I get to work or home as a test…). I’ve not changed anything on my HA setup - expect for upgrading to .33 recently. Anyone know if something is up - any logs I can check? I don’t see anything in home-assistant.log If there’s an MQTT log or some other log to look at, I’ll happily do so.

Thanks for any help!

Well - after writing this post - I rebooted HASS for fun - up and running now. Maybe something had hung - the boot after the upgrade took a LONG time the other day - and it said something about database locked - so maybe the reboot addressed. Ignore for now - sorry for the preemptive post!

I find this happens from time to time with CloudMQTT and a reboot usually solves it. But I’m still not sure why.

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thanks for validating my sanity @rpitera :slight_smile:

No problem. This also happens to me with my Harmony-API setup; although the states at CloudMQTT reflect the correct state of the hub, I’ll show an activity on the HA side even though the hub isn’t on. If I reboot the Pi, everything is back to normal.

Either it’s an issue or we’re suffering from the same delusion. LOL

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