Owntracks IBeacons and iPhone

I have a general query which I think is really an Owntracks problem rather than HA problem.

I have HA configured with MQTT and Owntracks to provide with me GPS presence detection which works relatively well.

As I don’t want to have GPS enabled on my phone all the time (battery and paranoia issues!) and only want presence detection on certain zones in my home I have implemented iBeacons.

I have zones configured in both HA and Owntracks for the beacons. When I am within my beacon zone and have gps enabled Owntracks reports me as being at home and I receive entering zone alerts from HA - if I leave I am reported as not being at home and get leaving zone alerts… so far so good

Now here starts the problem… When I have gps disabled I can enter or leave the beacon zone at which point Owntracks does not report any change in status and HA does update or notify me of events. By this I mean that the region status within Owntracks does not update UNLESS I re-enable GPS at which point Owntracks kicks into life and sets the correct status.

Is it normal behavior of Owntracks to require GPS to enable in order for it to process iBeacon zones? or am I missing something here?