Owntracks source_type & person location

Hi I am having some trouble with the Person Component in combination with a dd-wrt device tracker and device tracking with Owntracks.

The person I have created has 2 trackers linked: tracker_stationary (ddwrt) and tracker_gps (Owntracks). I have created two zones, home and work in both Owntracks and HA. The Person always shows the state of my stationary tracker, home or not_home. Only directly after pushing a new location from Owntracks, it switches to work (when I am at work of course) for a few seconds, after which it switches back to not_home.

It turns out, that the source_type of my Owntracks tracked device, switches to gps when a new location is sent, and then changes back to source_type: null. But I can’t find a reason why.

Originally I had Owntracks setup through configuration.yaml but while troubleshooting yesterday, I changed to integrations, but that did not solve my issue.

So, basically two questions:
1 .Why does the source_type of my Owntracks tracked device change from GPS to null? (and how can I stop it from doing that :slight_smile: )
2. How can I get my person to show That I am at work (or any other location/zone I might configure in the future)?

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I’ve been troubleshooting the same issue and have come to the same conclusion. Something is changing the source type which gives the router info the highest priority. :confused:

I’ve noticed the same and have created a bugreport with my findings.
You can subscribe to it to receive updates and perhaps provide any additional information you may have.

Are you guys on 0.94.x as well?

I have the same, reported on this forum a few hours ago --> Person status "unknown" when using Owntracks

It happened since 0.94

I think I may have figured this out. See an explanation here:

… and have hopefully fixed it. See PR #24503.

Hi, just got back from a short vacation and to my surprise I noticed someone created a fix for this issue! Thanks a lot @pnbruckner for the fix. I’m on 0.94.3 and I can confirm that it is now working as expected (y)

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