OZW Beta: Wall Plug switch entity gets stuck on "on" state

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I have a wall plug that worked fine before I switched to the OZW Beta. It’s a Leviton DZPA1 outlet, so nothing too weird.

For some reason, once it goes to the ON state, I can no longer see the correct state from HomeAsssistent. Worse, it appears to be triggering non-stop polling (the logs have “Value Refreshed” for that node every .5s or so). I have to restart the OZW service to get it to settle down. I think it was flooding my network.

It still responds to flipping the switch if I do it quickly enough, and the switch works correctly and shows the correct state within OZWAdmin.

This also isn’t a plug I keep plugged in all the time (I use it mostly to control the Christmas tree). On the old setup, it would just report it as a dead node, but nothing bad happened. I don’t know if unplugging this triggered the issue or not.

So, is there anything I can do? Can I use this switch, or maybe it’s something that could get fixed in the future?

There is already an issued logged. A user posted a custom docker container with a potential fix.

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Ah, thank you! It was late when I was looking into this, and it never occurred to me it was specifically this model of switch failing. I never looked for the model number! :man_facepalming: