OZWCP hard reset pressed by accident

OK so I pressed hard reset by accident in OZWCP and now I have none of my zwave decives showing… argh
I still have the zwcfg_0xcb7cba1e.xml file, is there anyway I can just import it back in please? please say yes :smiley:

*disclaimer - this is guesswork on my part *

First make sure you have a copy of your zwave cfg file, when you shutdown HASS it might overwrite it depending on how it is setup.

I would hope that if you shutdpwn HASS and copy over the backed up file and restart it might all spring back into life, but I am not convinced that will happen. I think a hard reset clears the pairing on the stick and you will have to manually re-pair.

Add to that you may also have to figure out how to factory reset your devices because they still think they are paired.

Again, this is guesswork on my part …I would make the copy and then wait until someone more knowledgeable comes along!

yeah tried that and I think I am screwed :smiley:

looks like the usb stick is wiped. oh well :smiley:

This is the part that tricked me up last time I “accidentally” hit hard reset.

But yes, essentially you get to re-pair everything. Pro tip: Do them in the same order as before so that you don’t have to mess with HASS.

thanks guys, I am more annoyed as I had it all just setup perfectly and I had to go and fiddle some more! It is more the settings side of things for each one that is bugging me. Hopefully I can use them from the old xml file.