P1 DSMR Landys E-360 on HASSIO device USB not visible

Hello all,
I searched for a solution. All posts are outdated.
I used tot have the DSMR integration on a RpI 4 with a Landys E-360. I was able to receive data and the cable was recognized. It as listed in the Hardware section.
Now I changed to a Thinkcentre with HASSIO, same cable, same Landys E-360. On a fresh install the serial connection type doesn’t list any USB device. I have to enter the path manual without succes. I tried to list the USB-device with ls -laR /dev/serial. No device is shown although it is connected.
It seems it has anything to do with the hardware (Thinkcentre) or HassIO. Strange because on the Pi I do get data and the USB-device shows up.
Anyone suggestions?

USB3 ports sometimes give problems. Also make sure the ports are on in the bios, some can be turned off at the hardware level.
You say HASSIO, I’m thinking you mean HAOS, but if that is running in a VM or container make sure the port is shared with the VM/Container.