P1 meter Kaifa E0003 problems

I’m migrating from domoticz to Ha, and today I plugged over the P1 cable.
But I think there something wrong with it, the values are strange, and getting negative gas usage, and cosumption also seems to be strange.
Delivery of the solar panels look ok.

I used dsmr4 because I founded that.

In domoticz I can set the baudrate on 11500.

What could be wrong here?

I checked the cable with the program tool and invert RXD is checked, the rest not.

I deleted the device and created it again, it seems to better now but only the statistics are little bit strange.

The gas meter today is minus the zero. I added history and thats showing OK, above zero.

The history of the consumption and production is floating, also strange

Yes I already restarted :slight_smile:

Edit, and the history is not per hour but per day unfortunately. Is that correctable?