Pandora Ad Muting

Made a super simple AppDaemon project to mute audio playback whenever Pandora is playing ads, then unmute once off of the ad! Kill those pesky ads once and for all.

It’s seamless and… just works. Tested with Pandora casting from my iPhone to Google Cast devices (Chromecast, Google Home). It’s so simple that it feels like it shouldn’t work. See code here and apps.yaml config here.

If you encounter any trouble setting up AppDaemon, like I did, feel free to ask! Seems like their latest 4.x version doesn’t play well with the version published to Docker, but I was able to get it to work at the end of the day after getting a little out of my comfort zone and learning some new Docker concepts!


That’s awesome! If I can ever figure out how to install Pandora I will definitely be using this.

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It’s been a while since I posted this and I haven’t used Pandora in a bit (since I subscribed to Spotify haha), but it should still work!

I’ve noticed Pandora sometimes changes the way it communicates that it’s streaming an ad (in my code I detect media_album_name = "Advertisement") so may require minor tweaks.