Parametr to control "back" history in navigate action

I want to have control whenever my back button (in browser/mobile app/subviews ui) will be mapped to new url or not while performing navigate action.

I can manipulate cards inside State Switch or Swipe Card by changing #hash part of URL - using navigate action. However with every action, my browser button history is extended by new entry. So instead of going back to my previous view / sidebar panel I have to click multiple times while staying in the same view.

There is already optional parameter inside HA’s navigate function it’s just not exposed for users in Lovelace navigate action. I would like it to be. That’s all.

  action:             navigate
  navigation_path:    /path
  navigation_replace: true # <- this

It would be very helpful in building a dashboard around new “Subviews” concept.

Don’t know if it will get merged, but I created a PR (see Expose history replace in action editor by breakthestatic · Pull Request #17740 · home-assistant/frontend · GitHub) to expose the replace functionality within the navigate action.