Passing date to node-red

Good morning,
I wonder if someone would be kind enough to help. I am new to Home Assistant and am struggling with a particular area, I have browsed google but i think I am missing how easy this could be.
I have a serial hardware board that uses UDP to send out a 16 character string when a change occurs.
I monitor this in node-red and when a change occurs I parse the string and compare each character to a previously stored variable to see which values have changed, I do this in a java function within node-red.
My issue is I do not know how to pass that to a home assistant dashboard as I am unable to create a manual entity. Up to now my dashboards have all been linked to well known hardware that can easily be added in Home Assistant .

Many thanks in anticipation

You should post that in the NodeRed section of the Forum. Basically there are many options to get this data into HomeAssistant. Easiest would be to use the “entity” node to create an entity in HA. Otherwise, you could also use the the HTTP API and the HTTP Rest Node and just create it in that way.

Many thanks