Passing string variables to Notify with line feed and carriage returns

Hi :slight_smile:

I’m fairly new to Node Red, pretty new to Home Assistant and completely new to Javascript, so please forgive and have patience if my code is kinder garden grade! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m trying to build a notification node which sends a message with dynamic text based on the payload to a phone along with a prompt for an action.

So far this is what I got:
I’m able to prompt for an action
And I’m able to read and parse the user input back inside Node Red.
I am able to send a message with a single line of dynamic content. Meaning I can make the Notify node insert the payload in the notification title or message under certain conditions.

And here is my problem:
I want to be able to dynamically form the notification content with line breaks etc. so that I can essentially pass a string, which has already been built, to the Notify node as a payload.

Passing anything to the Notify node with carriage returns and line feeds returns an API error:
“Call-service error. extra keys not allowed @ data[‘0’]”

Any suggestions are highly welcome.

Macro level project description:
I am building a system with automated notification if temperature differential between adjacent rooms in the house exceed a defined limit.

I want the notification content to be formatted something like below:
Room gradient temperature warning!

F3 <-0.88-> F4
S4 <-3.54-> S5
S5 <-0.93-> S6

…Specifically noting the line feeds and carriage returns in the message

As an aside, I have noticed that putting \r\n in the message in Notify works just fine normally, so I don’t understand why it doesn’t parse correctly when I pass what I think is a formatted string to it:

for(let i = 0; i < warnings; i++)


        if(i % 2 == 0)


            pushNotification +=[i] + "\n";



    msg.payload = pushNotification;