Paths get escaped on templates in node-red

I have a couple of node-red flows that I want to use to capture cameras and send those pictures via telegram.
When I was using fixed paths, they worked well, but as soon as I started making reusable flows and taking variables things got crazy. Lukcly hassio nodes has an option to debug output information, which saved my day.
When I use a template inside a json value (ej, on data) certain characters get escaped, so if I do something like this

{ "file": "{{ file_path }}"}

I see this error on home-assistant:

Can't write /config/www/cam_captures/ojo_interior.jpg, no access to path!

However, if I use a JSONata template instead


things work as expected, that said, they send /path/to/fie.jpg correctly, so it is obvious that homeassistant templates makes the escaping for some reason.

something mentioned like using triple curlies ((( file_path }}} maybe that helps.

but also it says there better to use JSONata…

Thank you for the reference. I was exclusively reading the docs on the node. It may be worth adding a note there also.
Now I’m happy just using JSONata