Pay for Async Conversion

Hi awesome HA Devs!

I have a few custom built HA integrations (For my car, generator and garage doors)… they are a bit hacky (no formal Pypi API) but they work fine. I’m looking for someone who is much more versed in HA development to update these to use the async interfaces as I’m tired of working around and hacking out the lines of code that block the non-async things.

Config flow would be nice also…

Each integration has a API include which handles all of the actual interfacing and the HA specific code utilizes it… all are REST based, one with some web scraping (I know…)…

Basically just looking for someone to Async’ify my code so I can continue on and not have it causing any issues.

Let me know if your interested and we can discuss details.

GitHub repo to look at?