PepegaBruh/CryptoTracker removal from HACS

Anyone received this error from the logs on Home Assistant about PepegaBrugh CryptoTracker?

Logger: custom_components.hacs

Source: custom_components/hacs/operational/

Integration: HACS (documentation, issues)

First occurred: 05:13:53 (1 occurrences)

Last logged: 05:13:53

PepegaBruh/CryptoTracker -

How do you remove this? I’ve got HA locked down to local only and only accessible via a VPN into my router, so there’s no traffic able to escape through ports opened on HA or my router either.

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Got this error too. “PepegaBruh/CryptoTracker”
Where did this originate from?
Never installed or even viewed this: PepegaBruh/CryptoTracker - Giters
Could this explain the high CPU usage on my Rpi 4? It’s around 35 % on average. Not much running besides AdGuard, Energy meter, Inverter, OTGW and some Conbee / Tuya / Sonoff integrations.
(Edit: CPU load fixed by changing some data retention settings in Adguard)

Also got this error today - never seen it before and don’t use that add-on

Same here, don’t know where it came from…

I also have this error and do not have the integration installed. I’m running Home Assistant OS 6.5, core-2021.10.4 and HACS 1.15.2.

Having said that, I’ve just opened my HACS integration list and CryptoTracker is showing up as the most recent new integration available to install, so it might be a malformed error (similar to the errors that occur when integrations are removed from the HACS store).

same error here