Persistent Notifications Incremental ID

Hi everyone,

With persistent notifications changing a lot at the end of 2023.5 many workarounds have since been discussed but sadly nothing has yet to replace the state entity feature where the entity ID increased by 1 with each active notification. Whilst custom IDs are great for people who wish to have them, they’re not a replacement, especially in relation to referencing persistent notifications in automations.

I work from home and currently on 2023.5, I can have it so if I’m on a work call any persistent notifications are held until I’m off said work call and then reads “whilst you were busy {{state_attr('persistent_notification.notification', 'message') }} 1 2 3 4” etc that occurred whilst in the call, with 20-30 different possible notifications that could go off, this is by far the best way to do it as you’re only ever pulling notifications that have gone off and you can easily use counter helpers and choose actions to reference how many TTS needs to read.

Many work arounds have been discussed for other issues and problems solved such as the clear all notifications option coming back in 2023.7 but I’m yet to hear of anyone working to bring this back incremental notification IDs which leaves me stuck on an old release.