Person Entity in Graphana using Discrete Panel Graph

Hello all, I work in the oil field and find great use in my History “person.***** entity”. I created zones, so I could keep track of my time. Only issue is the regular history only goes back 14days. I would like to see it go back as far back as I would like; like I do with any entity that has a numeric state(using Grafana). I have tried using the Discrete Panel Graph is Grafana.

From /default -state/Where-entity_id=the correct entity
Group by/ time(1m)/fill(none)
Order by time/descending
Format as /Table
*all other that are optional are left blank.

This gives me a 1 while home and 0 while away. This is the best I could get. But I am looking for it to look the same as the HA history.

anyone that could point me in the right direction, I would be very grateful! Thank you for your time.