Person marked as 'away' every few hour (even if still at home)

Home assistant says that every few hours I’m being ‘away’ for a few minutes.

I don’t understand why as I know for sure I was at home at that time.

If I look at record history I don’t see much details as to what triggered / is the source.

How can I diagnose to troubleshoot?
Thank you

Could be multiple devices linked to your person entity, one device at home, the other not. You left while iPad stays at home? If you were home (you didn’t say) a bluetooth or wifi based device tracker connected to your person entity Or GPS drifting with a home radius set too small.

The device went off line or lost GPS or something like that.
Since you are dealing with the Home zone, I think there is a consider home setting that can bridge some of those device gaps.

Put in your search engine: consider home

Hmm, seems the problem is less “hidden” than I thought. Apparently it’s just that since yesterday my phone frequently gets considered as “away”, which is strange and a problem in itself. That was not the case before. And I did not change anything yesterday.
For example, this morning at 6:31 AM I was sleeping, immobile, at home.
So why did it become “away” for 5 minutes? That I don’t understand.

Maybe, I did reduce the Home radius this week when the feature got included in newest HA release. I should maybe increase it back a bit.

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