Person name or icon on map

Hello everybody,

I’m looking for some information about the map view, but I didn’t find it in the community.
I want to change the name of device (S8 and iPhone) on my map to, either by the name of person, or by an icon (I don’t want to see my face :wink: )

  • I associated the devices with the person (in the configuration panel) --> It’s the same
  • I customize the icon of the device and the person ( in the configuration panel too) --> It’s the same
  • I add an icon line on the know_device --> It’s the same again.

Do you know the tips to change that ?

Thank you !

remove your picture on the device with the picture.

?? I didn’t put the picture, I just tried to put either an icon or my username…

I thought that was implied with

By default, if you didn’t add a picture, it should be showing up as a circle around the first letter of the friendly name.

If you want an icon, you’d need to change your entity_picture to an icon file. You can’t use the mdi:icons, it doesn’t display that for some reason.

OK, I’ll try that about the picture. meantime, I’ll use the friendly name. Thank you !

Change the entity from to and it will show the first letter of the person’s name instead of the phone name.