Pet Feeder - PP003 Pretty Paws / Shen Zhen Keekoonvision

I have got a PP003 pet feeder with built in camera from Shen Zhen Keekoonvision. It is Also known as Pretty Paws PP003 (, Lexmart PP003 or Petrust PP003.


This turned out to be Tuya based device, and I managed to get it working with the standard Tuya integration. (not succeeded the local tuya). However; I the integration is missing enitities that actually do something with feeding the pet. I like to be able to send a command to the device to serve a portion for example.

This is what I get, it seems all related to the camera only:

It also exposes a camera entity, but that doesn’t work. I figured out, that I can get the camera by defining a generic camera, so the camera is the least interesting part in controlling a pet feeder.

Anybody an idea why I am missing pet feeder controls?