Peugeot Connectedc - Account setup of the "PSA Group user API"


I am currently setup my account to use the Peugeot car connected integration ( add-on) , and then an account has been created in the “PSA Group user API” …

I am stuck in these following steps after the creation of the app because the "Connected Car B2C API is not available :

  1. step " 1.3 SELECT PRODUCTS #"

Now you have an account hosting your APP:

You can browse available APIs on API Product tab.
Then select Connected Car - B2C in the list.
Choose a plan by clicking on subscribe, select your app and press subscribe again.

For your requests to the API, you must use your client_id, client_secret and an access token.

  1. API Products Search results for Connected Car for B2C

    Average: 1 (8 votes)
    MPH Connected Car Services (1.0.0)
    No votes yet
    Connected Car eligibility (1.5.0)(1 API included)
    Average: 2.4 (13 votes)
    Connected Car API (1.0.0)(1 API included)
    No votes yet
    Connected Car For B2B (1.1.0)(2 APIs included)

=> As seen above , the “Connected Car B2C” is not proposed .
=> Is it a know issue ?

Thank you

I have the same problem. I reached out to the psa group support a few weeks ago but haven’t got an answer :frowning:

I did same support request yesterday but still no answer from the psa group support.

After 1 month , no reply yet from psa group support

Please delete this topic as this is not required at all to use the Peugeot Connected Car integration (addon)

Thank you