Phantom group_1 in Hue integration won't go

Having several ‘Rooms’ in my Hue setup, which are all reflected nicely in HA, using the light domain, and the correct name.

I had an un-roomed light before, for which HA apparently created a light.group_1 entity in the states, and it has the attribute is_hue_group: true

Ive now created a new Hue Room for that light, and added the light to that Room, which is also seen by HA, as there now is a light.kantoor_marijn which responds correctly to the light being set. So far so good.

What I don’t like is the old light.group_1 still being there in the HA states, and is acts just like the new light.kantoor_marijn

I’ve checked the Hue api, and there is no such thing as a group group_1, nor is it in the devices or entities list in the integrations tab in HA.

None of the .storage files reference this light.group_1 either.

Where can I find this phantom group so I can delete it?

found it…
forgot all about my use of this light in my entertainment group, which is set on the ambilight tv and used for added visual feedback when playing games/tv.

was hidden in the app, but found it and renamed it to ambilight :wink: