Phantom node id in Z-Wave JS UI neighbors list after exclusion and re-inclusion of the same device

I have a fairly new Home assistant installation running on my Qnap Nas as a VM using HA OS (up to date as of yesterday). Using Z-Wave JS UI.

I excluded one device (a range extender Zooz ZAC38) while I was troubleshooting some connectivity issues (original Node id=3). Now after re-adding it I am finding the Node ID to be 11 which I expected since Z-Wave JS UI would take the next highest id.

However my Z-Wave controller Zooz ZST39 is showing the old device ID 3 in it’s neighbors list and not node ID 11. Other devices are showing both node 3 and node 11 as neighbors.

I am checking the neighbor IDs in Z-Wave JS UI when clicking on the devices in the network graph.

I have run all the places I can find for rebuilding routes for each device in Z-Wave JS and Z-Wave JS UI but node id 3 is still showing up.

Devices all seem to be working ok, I am just finding it odd that there are still references to node ID 3.

Anyone have any ideas?

I have also used silicone labs simplicity studio Zwave PC Controller app on a windows pc to directly check the Zooz stick. It doesn’t show a device with node id 3.