Philips emulated hue's devices disappearing in Alexa after a couple of days

Hi all,

I have a fresh home assistant installation with a very minimal config for emulated hue:

  host_ip: x.y.z.a
  listen_port: 80
  expose_by_default: true
  exposed_domains: - scene

This clearly only exposes a few scenes I created.
It works perfecly but, after a couple of days…
All the bulbs are gone from Alexa and the vocal commands using those scenes stop working.

If I ask Alexa to find new devices all the devices are found without issue and start working again.
After a bit, they are gone again.
If I ask to discover new devices all is back to perfectly functioning…

How can I troubleshoot this kind of issue?


I’ve had the same problem for at least two months now and haven’t found a solution yet.

Other users seem to have the problem as well:

(German forum)

A little discouraging to hear of this issue.

Wondering what the current state of Emulated Hue working with Alexa and Home Assistant?

Considering moving from OH to HA but I need to make sure that Emulated Hue is working well with Alexa, Insteon switches and Home Assistant.

It has been doing well in OH for a number of years but I am looking at HA for better integration of thermostats and other items.

I’m struggling with this issue at the moment also. I’m lucky if they stick for a day.
Strangely, I have a bunch of lights defined as a group in HA which never disappear (yet the same individual lights do)