Philips Hue add ability to show smart plug as switch.identity

I would like to be able to change Philips Hue smart plugs to have the switch.identity in Home Assistant.

Currently all Smart Plugs from the Philips Hue platform are imported as light.identity.
Some other plugins and components can only work with switches, not lights. And creating virtual helper switches around the light identity doesn’t always work in the correct way.

In zigbee2mqtt they are presented as switches. Are you using the Hue integration and a Hue bridge perhaps?

I am using the native Hue bridge and the Hue integration.
Switching a lot of lights or light groups, or quickly changing lights works better from the Hue bridge itself.
And the Hue ecosystem and APP itself are very useable for the rest of the family.
It will take some time to completely cross over the home assistant. So no separate dedicated zigbee bridge.