Philips HUE dimmer switch for light group


I want to change 5 spots to smart gu10 bulbs, but my wife also wants to use a physical button/switch. So i was thinking, maybe i can buy a Philips hue dimmer switch.
Is it even possible to control a group of lights with this remote?

I think you can group lights without even a switch using below integration

I have 5 Hue light and I will test this for you shortly . just a tip that you should not buy anything unless
you check the specs and reviews ( if you want 100% then get the exact model and post it in the forum )
Even a non-hue less expensive switch will work

Yes, i know that i can group lights. But is it possible to control this group with a dimmer switch from Philips hue? Because my physical dimmer switch in the wall will get useless if i change the bulbs to smart bulbs.

I just tested Aqara switch with the group and it worked . I think its going to be 100% working for you with the hue switch or dimmer if you can add it to your hub or HA .

If you still not sure then link to the exact product you want to buy and wait for someone having the exact same product to let you know but its kinda given it will work

Good luck

I did ask the question wrong. Let me start over again. Is it possible to dim a group of lights with a Philips hue dimmer switch through zigbee2mqtt?

I do have an Aqara mini switch at home, but it only lets you turn the lights on or off

Do you have a hue hub ?

Edit :
Forget that ,I did not read you message . since you use zigbee2mqtt

Go to the search and type hue dimmer switch , i have seen many post about it . I use the hue hub so it is a bit straight in my case

No, i use the Slaesh CC2652RB stick.