Philips Hue dimmer switch to control other things?

I would really like to add the Phillips hue dimmer switch into my set-up, however i have no other hue hardware.

Is it possible to use the dimmer switch to control other lights, with no other hue hardware?

I can setup node-red to have an imaginary hue light which Alexa sees, so i can go Alexa - node red - HA script.

The imaginary lights from node-red don’t show up in the hue app so I am guessing the dimmer switch won’t work either?

Can’t say I’ve tried it so I don’t know. The hue stuff is quite expensive so if you don’t plan to use any of their other bulbs then don’t bother just for a dimmer that probably still requires a hue hub. Plenty of other platforms like xiaomi or ikea tradition which are cheaper